4 tips for a better conversation

4 tips for a better conversation How we talk to our partner is very important, especially when tension is high. While it might feel good in the moment to just blurt out our thoughts, we are only having a solo conversation if we are not able to talk effectively with our partner. Here are fourContinue reading “4 tips for a better conversation”

5-min conversation challenge

5-min conversation challenge Can you carry a one-on-one conversation with someone for 5 minutes without touching on any of the following topics? Celebrities The weather TV shows The news Gossips Anything about other people It might be harder than you think. Admittedly, some of these topics are fun to talk about, but they are alsoContinue reading “5-min conversation challenge”

How can you empower yourself in a stressful situation?

How can you empower yourself in a stressful situation? If you want to strengthen your relationship, then it’s important to break the cycle of reacting in stressful situations. Instead, try to empower yourself by responding. See below for the difference: Until next time!Maybo Couples On The Road Follow My Blog Get new content delivered directlyContinue reading “How can you empower yourself in a stressful situation?”

Don’t stop having a vision when your wedding is over

Don’t stop having a vision when your wedding is over We tend to think a lot about our future leading up to the wedding. Many of us have a vision of what our lives would look like after we get married. Perhaps living in a nicely decorated home? Owning a pet together? Having some kidsContinue reading “Don’t stop having a vision when your wedding is over”

Why you should stop asking why

Why you should stop asking why When we are upset at our partner, we tend to ask a bunch of “why” questions… Why do you have to ignore me? Why don’t you understand me? Why can’t you treat me like before? Why are you so selfish? The problem is when we ask why, we automaticallyContinue reading “Why you should stop asking why”