4 tips for a better conversation

4 tips for a better conversation

How we talk to our partner is very important, especially when tension is high. While it might feel good in the moment to just blurt out our thoughts, we are only having a solo conversation if we are not able to talk effectively with our partner.

Here are four tips to have a better conversation:

  1. Use more “I” statements than “you” statements. When things are heated, starting sentences with a “you” would often sound more like a criticism. Can you hear the difference between “You never care about me!” and “I don’t feel supported right now.”?

  2. Avoid all-or-nothing words like “always” or “never”. This overgeneralization will only make our partner feel more defensive, which would then lead to arguments over trivial “facts” (e.g. the exact number of times they have actually taken out the garbage).

  3. Address only one issue at a time. Don’t go back and list out all the other issues that we have been sweeping under the rug. It distracts us from having a real conversation with each other.

  4. Focus on the behavior not their personality trait. Saying someone is a selfish person is very different from saying that you find this particular behavior to be selfish.

What other communication tips have you found to be useful for your relationship? Comment down below!

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