Hi I’m Maybo!

I’m so glad you are here, I’m here to help!

What is my background and approach?

I’m a registered clinical counsellor (RCC #18576) based in Vancouver, Canada, and I hold a Master’s degree in counselling and human behavior development. My background in the non-profit industry has provided me with extensive experience working with young adults and couples coping with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, family conflicts and more.

With my specialized training in Bowen family systems therapy and Gottman method couples therapy, I help clients gain valuable insights about themselves and their important relationships by getting at the root of the problem(s) and taking a broader perspective of their situations. I have also been trained as a certified facilitator for SYMBIS that is used for premarital and marital counselling.

I have a calm and non-judgmental presence. My personal experience of feeling stuck and lacking control of life in the past has given me greater empathy towards others and led me to become passionate about supporting those in need.

What is my story?

After 10 years of dating my current husband, we hit a rough patch. 

While I was fantasizing about our future and waiting for that dream proposal, his hidden fears of marriage was finally surfacing. Similar to some couples, marriage wasn’t a topic that was openly discussed in our relationship, and I felt completely shattered when I realized we weren’t on the same page. At the time, we knew we had to find a way to work out our differences or else we would go our separate ways. 

I realized that the process of transitioning into marriage is not always easy.

We spent the next few months going through a rediscovery journey – both with ourselves and with each other. Through this process, our relationship vision slowly became more and more aligned. In 2018, we got engaged in Maui, and the rest is history. The work that we did before we got married made a huge difference in our relationship. Today, we are generally happy with our marriage (I would be lying if I say we never argue!). 

Because of this experience, the idea of supporting couples through this transitional phase of marriage was born.

I want to help engaged and newly married couples to navigate with more ease and confidence as they begin their new chapter. I want to empower committed couples, just like you, to build a healthy and thriving marriage. Whether you are currently experiencing issues in your relationship or not, I believe the best time to lay the foundation of a stronger marriage is in the beginning, so I want to help you make the most of out of this precious period.

Maui 2018