Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling $150

Transitioning in to marriage (or even the discussion of it) can be an exciting and overwhelming process and I want to help you successfully navigate this important phase of your relationship.

Whether you are hoping to start your marriage on the right foot or currently going through some challenges, there are great benefits to starting therapy early. The following are some of the common benefits of couples counselling:

  • Opening up difficult but important conversations
  • Gaining an objective view of your relationship  
  • Aligning on expectations
  • Identifying each of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learning about the impact of family of origin 
  • Exploring any existing concerns or underlying issues 
  • Better equipped to manage future conflicts

Research shows early counselling can reduce divorce by 31% and increase marital fulfillment by 30%, so it is entirely possible for the two of you to build the healthy relationship that you are looking for.

$150 per 60-minute session (includes GST)

(in-person or online)

If you are looking for something more structured and educational in nature, check out our Premarital Education Package. This is perfect for seriously dating or engaged couples who might not be experiencing any issues at the moment, but would like to ensure a stronger foundation for their marriage.

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