Premarital Education Package

Premarital Education Package

Our Premarital Education Package is structured and educational in nature and is suitable for engaged or seriously dating couples who are looking for learning opportunities. The goal is to help you be more thoroughly prepared for the commitment and build a solid foundation from the very beginning.

The package includes:

1 online SYMBIS
premarital assessment 

1 personalized
relationship report with
in-depth visual insights

Minimum 3 in-person or
online therapy sessions
(60-minute each)

The package gives a fun and ideal opportunity to explore the existing relationship dynamics, align on expectations and bring forth important conversations. Topics that we will be covering together include marriage mindset, role expectations, finances, sex and intimacy, personality, conflict management, communication, family of origin and more! We might focus more heavily on certain topics depending on the needs of your relationship.

Option 1: Three Sessions Package – $396 per couple (includes GST)

This is perfect for couples who want to get an overall snapshot of their relationship and mainly focus on the key strength and growth areas.  Some practical tools will be provided in our sessions together to help strengthen the relationship.

Option 2: Six Sessions Package – $780 per couple (includes GST)

This is a more comprehensive option for couples, where we can dive deeper and explore each of the strength and growth areas in greater details. Through our sessions together, couples will acquire many useful tools and gain valuable insights about themselves and their relationship.

*Package rate conditions:

All packages need to be prepaid and is non-refundable, and it would be valid for up to a year. If you purchase a therapy package and want to claim the cost through your workplace extended health plan, please note that extended health benefit plans do not allow you to claim for prepaid sessions (e.g. sessions which have not yet occurred).  As such, I will divide the cost of the package by the number of sessions and send you separate receipts for the date of each session. Please consult with your HR department to find out the specifics of your company’s extended health plan

If there are areas or issues that require more time to explore, additional sessions can be booked and will be charged at a rate of $150 per 60-minute session.

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