Don’t stop having a vision when your wedding is over

Don’t stop having a vision when your wedding is over

We tend to think a lot about our future leading up to the wedding. Many of us have a vision of what our lives would look like after we get married.

  • Perhaps living in a nicely decorated home?
  • Owning a pet together?
  • Having some kids running around the house?

What’s interesting though is that as a marriage progresses, we often forget about this question: What do you hope for your future?

We stop thinking about our vision. Our focus gets shifted to just meeting the demands of everyday life instead.

Whether you are currently engaged or getting married, don’t stop having a vision for your relationship. Ask yourself and each other today, “What do you hope for your future at this point in time?”.

It’s important to have these regular checkups, so that we don’t let life gets in the way.

Until next time!

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