5-min conversation challenge

5-min conversation challenge

Can you carry a one-on-one conversation with someone for 5 minutes without touching on any of the following topics?

  • Celebrities
  • The weather
  • TV shows
  • The news
  • Gossips
  • Anything about other people

It might be harder than you think.

Admittedly, some of these topics are fun to talk about, but they are also similar to junk food. They help us fill up those awkward silences in a conversation but they don’t give us any real nutrients to help us grow our relationships.

There’s nothing wrong with eating junk food once in a while, but if we have them for all our meals, then that’s going to be an issue. And sometimes, a meaningful one-on-one conversation might be the hardest with the people who we are closest to.

“So, what is there to talk about?” you ask.

YOU, anything about you. You can share your own thoughts and feelings, your stories and experiences and anything that has been going on with your life. Or you can try to get to know about the other person better. Be curious about their life and ask what has been on their minds lately. Anytime you feel you are just trying to keep a conversation going, it’s usually a more superficial conversation.

So who is ready to try this 5-minute challenge today?

Until next time!

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