Do you know how to be alone in a relationship?

Do you know how to be alone in a relationship?

We focus so much on how to be together in a relationship, but do we know how to be alone when we are in a relationship?

Here’s a true story…

Carrie is in her 60s and has been married for many many years. She is very fearful of her husband aging, as she couldn’t imagine what her life would look like without him one day. They have been doing everything together and almost never spend any time apart. Over the years, she has forgotten what it’s like to focus on her own hobbies, her own goals and her own life, because her life has become their life.

While this might sound like a very extreme story, the reality is, this happens quite often to a lot of married couples.

As much as a relationship can give us the companionship that we want and need, it’s important to not lose sight of our own individuality when we share our life with someone.

If you are feeling unsure what this means, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your own interests?
  • What are your own personal goals?
  • What is your own story that’s separate from your partner’s?

Just remember, we need each other just as much we need ourselves.

Until next time!

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