I am responsible for my own well-being

I am responsible for my own well-being

Recently, I listened to an episode of Beawcast podcast and in there they talked about their own marriage.

One specific mindset shift that Geo mentioned that she had was from “You are responsible for my well-being” to “I am responsible for my own well-being”. And I found it very amazing because that is a significant mindset shift.

“You are responsible for my well-being” means that “You need to constantly do something or don’t do something in order for me to feel good”. Now, that’s a lot to depend on someone.

Taking responsibility for ourselves means that we start focusing on ourselves. We start taking ownership of our own functioning. We start trusting that we have the ability to make ourselves happy. And that’s a very liberating feeling.     

If there is one promise a couple can make to each other when they get married, promising that they would be responsible for themselves is the best thing they could do for their relationship.

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