The perfect age to get married is…

The perfect age to get married is…

I used to think 25 was the perfect age to get married.

25 was perfect because I would still be young. We could have a few years to ourselves and then we could have our first kid by 30. Perfect life eh?

I had this all planned out in my own head but guess what? Nothing turned out the way I expected. I didn’t end up getting married until I was 31. By then, we had already dated for over 11 years and we remained childless.

Although I remember how tough it was when my perfect bubble got burst, looking back, I’m so glad I didn’t get married at the age of 25.

Our relationship just wasn’t in a good place to step into marriage at the time. I was very emotionally dependent on my then boyfriend (now husband). He didn’t have a solid sense of where he wanted to go with his own life. We were just two unhealthy individuals being together in a relationship. If we had gotten married then, I honestly think our marriage would be in deep trouble.

What I came to realize is that the perfect time to get married has absolutely nothing to do with age. To me, the perfect time is when the couple actually has a healthy relationship and the desire to get married is coming from within.

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