Are you a relationship blob?

Are you a relationship blob?

I’ve been reading “Everything isn’t terrible” by Kathleen Smith, and she raised a question that really stuck with me, ”Are you a relationship blob?”

Oftentimes, we hear phrases like “2 become 1” or “we complete each other”, which all imply that our partner is an extension of ourselves. It’s not uncommon to see people losing their own identity over time as they become “closer” to their partner.

The paradox of love, as stated by psychologist Erich Fromm, how do “two beings become one and yet remain two”? How do we balance between maintaining our own separate self and still being emotionally connected with each other? 

Being close does not mean that we need to do everything together or agree on everything. Likewise, just because we do everything together and agree on everything, it doesn’t mean that we necessarily have the emotional connection. 

So, how much of a relationship blob are you?

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