Why work on your marriage before it begins?

Why work on your marriage before it begins?

When it comes to doing premarital work, some common questions that I hear a lot from people are…

“Why premarital therapy?”

“Why now?”

“Why can’t we wait until we have issues?”

According to research*, couples who participate in premarital therapy or some sort of education program can greatly benefit from doing so.

The odds of divorce are lowered by 31% among these couples. As well, they are 30% more likely to feel satisfied and content with their marriage compared to their counterparts.

As I have always advocated, work on your marriage before it even begins. If you are engaged or considering marriage, take advantage of this precious period and start early if you can 😊

Until next time!

Couples On The Road


Stanley, Scott M., Amato, Paul., Johnson, Christine A., & Markman, Howard J. (2006). Pre-marriage Education, Marital Equality, and Marital Stability: Findings From A Large Random Household Survey. Journal of Family Psychology, V 20, P 117-126.

Caroll, J. S. & Doherty, W. J. (2003). Evaluating the Effectiveness of Pre-marriage Prevention Programs: A Meta-analytical Review of Outcome Research. Family Relations, V 52 (2), P 105-118.

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