Therapy is not Q&A

Therapy is not Q&A

I hate to break this to you, but if you are hoping that someone can tell you exactly what you should or should not do when you go to therapy, you will be disappointed.

While a therapist might know what a healthy relationship looks like, we cannot give you an exact blueprint of how to get there. Good advices don’t matter if you are not making the decision on your own. If you’re just following and doing what we say it’s good for you in Situation A, you will not know what to do the next time you encounter Situation B.

A therapist’s role is to enable you to make your own thoughtful choices in any given situation. We don’t want you to refer to our Q&A, we want you to go through the process of creating your own. We are there to guide you to find your own answers.

Until next time!

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