Being apart after COVID-19

Being apart after COVID-19

COVID-19 has put a lot of relationships to the test. Many of us have to adapt to a new routine and re-learn how to be together during the pandemic.

While some relationships might have changed for the worse or even ended, there are also other couples who have been enjoying the extra togetherness during this time. The pandemic has given them the opportunity to have a prolonged “honeymoon” that they would not have otherwise been able to have in a pre-COVID world. They don’t need to argue about priorities or weekend schedules anymore. They get used to seeing each other 24/7 and doing everything together. They’ve become inseparable.

But as we slowly come out of the pandemic, we are going to start having more regular social gatherings, more commitments and a more demanding life. And it’s going to be yet another adjustment for many of us. Just like how we needed to learn how to be together during COVID-19, many couples might need to re-learn how to be apart when life is in full swing again.

How do you think your relationship might change after the pandemic?

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